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Customer Question #1


People often wonder what to expect from a session with Stacy.  Stacy uses the ThetaHealing meditation technique to scan, read, deliver the information given based on insights being requested/offered, and serve as witness for the connection process of others to Creator's Love, Light, and Truth.  Everyone is their own healer, it is through the space holding witness role in consultation and communication that change occurs.  Life changing breakthroughs occur in each session and insights of focus aligned for individuals to move forward.  Most importantly, people recognize and remember how important it is to take time daily to go within and connect to Creator and nurture that relationship always. 

Customer Question #2

People often ask why things happen to them.  It turns out, 10%-12% of the mind in conscious and 88%-

People often ask, "Why things happen to them?"  It turns out, 10%-12% of the mind in conscious and 88%-90% is subconscious.  The world responds to the most prevalent thought forms in the subconscious mind.  Often there are dysfunctional beliefs, patterns, programs, paradigms people function in life with based on these energies contained within the subconscious mind.  Most people on the planet function in a conditional love paradigm.  Many people remain trapped or stuck in patterns of victimhood, martyrdom, not being good enough, rejection...etc.  By accessing this information in  a session and/or by participating in courses on how to discover which ones are blocking or creating limitation in your the pathway to living your best life you begin to reorganize your thoughts, beliefs  and life as a result. ThetaHealing provides a tool anyone can use and/or benefit from on many levels.  Change begins the moment you recognize you are worthy and deserving of living your best life and identifying areas of where you'd most like to experience change.  

Note: The picture above gives you an idea of the conscious mind-above the water line versus the subconscious mind-large portion unseen beneath the surface waterline.

Customer Question #3


People often ask how they too can get started to gain the benefits from the wisdom and knowledge of my many years of usage of the essential oils and products from Young Living.  I offer empowerment training, and informational workshops to team members.

1. Go to

Enter my Enroller/Sponsor #: 10583091

(You may call me to check out where I feel you'd best fit with our team.  

I may give you a different number to put in sponsor slot.)

2.  Follow the signup prompts, including selecting the Wholesale or Retail option:

*Wholesale members enjoy a 24 percent product discount, plus the opportunity to take advantage of the Essential Rewards program and Young Living's generous compensation plan.

*Retail members pay full price for Young Living products with no minimum orders to remain active.  Retail members cannot take advantage of essential Rewards or the compensation plan.

3.  Select your Starter and/or Essential Rewards kits.

4.  Add any additional products to your order.

5.  Proceed to checkout and complete your enrollment.

6.  Begin enjoying the remarkable benefits of the highest quality essential oil-infused products in the world!

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